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Benjamin Bartley - Food Access Director 

Benjamin works to make healthy, local, farm-fresh foods both accessible and affordable in neighborhoods lacking grocery stores and farmers' markets. He is responsible for the Mobile Market program and Arcadia's food access initiatives. He has extensive experience in both food retail management and kitchen work, including professional development at the Culinary Institute of America. Benjamin joined Arcadia in 2011 after completing a fellowship with Freedom House, a Washington, DC nonprofit.  Benjamin has authored two Mobile Market "How To" reports, and is available to consult other mobile market programs.

Stephen Corrigan - Farm Director 

Stephen holds the main vegetable production and row crop education for Arcadia.  His job and his passion are not only to grow amazing produce and get it into peoples hands and mouths but also to excite people about the delicious, nutritious and downright weird things that can come from the farm.  He comes with years of experience managing farms that focus on education and producing this nation’s next generation of innovative farmers.  By collaborating with other farmers, researchers, engineers, architects, and others across many fields, he is constantly striving to find original solutions to grow the best veggies possible.  His quest to craft the world’s greatest salad mix consumes his every waking moment.

JuJu Harris - Culinary Educator and SNAP Outreach Coordinator

Through cooking demonstrations and one-on-one customer interaction at the Mobile Market, Juju works to increase community knowledge and familiarity with the uses and preparations of seasonal vegetables, herbs, and unprocessed foods. As SNAP Outreach Coordinator, she discusses eligibility for these and other food assistance resources, such as the WIC and the Senior CSFP programs. Juju joined Arcadia in 2012, drawn by the opportunity to further her passion for nutrition education and food justice. In 2014 Juju authored The Arcadia Mobile Market Seasonal Cookbook, which features recipes that combine WIC staples with seasonal produce in easy, delicious recipes. She previously taught gardening, nutrition and cooking to children at the Capital Area Food Bank. Juju also established a women's nutrition and financial development program as an Agricultural Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay. She is currently studying Therapeutic Herbalism and homeschools her two sons. Juju is also available to conduct cooking demonstrations at health fairs, focus groups, and other community events. 

Pamela Hess - Executive Director

Executive Director Pamela Hess has been with Arcadia since March 2013.  She came to Arcadia from journalism. A career national security journalist, Pam covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the Pentagon and CIA with the Associated Press and United Press International. After a brief foray into national politics as a communications director on Capitol Hill, Pam returned to her first love: food and sustainable farms. In 2011, she took the helm of a local food and wine magazine that celebrated sustainable food and farming in the Capitol Foodshed, and in the course of it, met and fell in love with Arcadia. She brings to Arcadia a deep commitment to its mission, a large and expanding network of farmers and food advocates, and a great reputation within the sustainable food community.

Morgan Maloney - Farm Education Director

Morgan manages Arcadia’s education programs including Farm Field Trips, Arcadia Farm Camp, and the Get Growing! Workshops. She also helps maintain an inspiring environment in the Groundhog Garden, our educational space for kids. Morgan has a bachelor’s degree in Health & Exercise Science from Wake Forest University where her interest in nutrition first began. Before coming to Arcadia, she spent several years working with low-income families in Appalachia through the Appalachia Service Project. While working closely with these families, she grew to understand the complex issues regarding equal access to healthy foods. She has a passion for combating low-income food issues through improved education, access, and sustainability. Morgan loves watching young minds grow while visiting Arcadia Farm. 

Jeremy Mauck - Mobile Market Manager

Jeremy is Arcadia's newest member and will be working to manage the Mobile Markets. He works to coordinate Market volunteers, our Market outreach work, and drive the bus. Jeremy studied community based food systems at Virginia Tech, where he first started work on connecting local farmers to folks looking for good food. A Northern Virginia native, he grew up surrounded by income and health disparities in the DC area, and is happy to return home to help work on addressing these problems . Before coming to Arcadia he worked on several farms in Virginia and North Carolina, as well as several other local food projects in the DC area. Jeremy's favorite part of the Mobile Market is reconnecting  older DC residents with healthy food that they grew up with, and introducing healthy foods to a new generation of eaters.

Matt Mulder - Director of Operations

Matt is responsible for organizational development and operations, strategic partnerships, and outreach and communication for Arcadia’s programs.  Matt has spent the last 17 years actively working on environmental and agricultural programs in the DC nonprofit community.  His experience as the founding Director of the Accokeek Foundation’s Center for Agricultural and Environmental Stewardship provides a great understanding of the issues at the heart of Arcadia’s mission.  His academic experience includes a Master’s degree in Biology, with scientific research in the fields of Ecology, Pollination Ecology, Ornithology, and Herpetology.  Matt loves to garden and eat good food, and is excited to have a job that incorporates both of those loves.

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