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Mobile Market

Mobile Market Winter Markets begin December 1, 2021.

Markets are Pre-Order Only. Please visit our Pre-Order site to place your order:



Market rules:
If you are sick, stay home!
Only one household member should attend. Face masks are required! Stay 6 feet from others. No pets allowed. Keep your Market visit brief.



Winter Market Pre-Orders:

Winter Pre-Order / Pick-Up Only Markets will be held the first and third Wednesdays of December, January and February at our Mayfair and Bellevue Locations. Pre-orders must be made by the Friday before the Market. 

Visit our Pre-Order site to place your order:  


Bulk pre-orders: If you would like to order a large amount of a particular produce or protein item, please email us at Please email us at least a week in advance for the greatest chance of getting what you want.  


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About the Mobile Markets

Arcadia’s Mobile Markets are farm-stands-on-wheels that distribute local, sustainably produced food to underserved communities in the Washington, DC area. To learn more about the program, watch this video featuring the Mobile Market.

The mission of Arcadia’s Mobile Markets is to improve access to healthy, affordable food regardless of where you live or how much you earn. The Markets does this by operating regularly scheduled stops in low-income, food-insecure communities; offering high quality, locally grown, sustainably produced farm products at affordable prices; accepting all forms of payment, including food assistance benefits; doubling the purchasing power of food assistance benefits through a “Bonus Bucks” program; and providing educational resources for how to prepare the market’s offerings in nutritious, cost-effective, delicious, and easy ways.


Arcadia’s Mobile Markets include the following program areas:

Food access

We operate weekly market stops at community and recreation centers, low-income living facilities, parks, and healthcare providers. We accept federal food assistance benefits such as SNAP/EBT (formerly known as "Food Stamps"), WIC (Women, Infant, and Children), Senior FMNP vouchers (Farmers' Market Nutrition Program), and feature a “Bonus Bucks” program to double the purchasing power of these benefits. The Markets also participate in Washington, DC's Produce Plus Program.


Community engagement

We partner with local ANCs, neighborhood and association groups, institutions, and other established nonprofit organizations to conduct outreach and garner community support. To learn more about the community response, watch this video about Arcadia’s Mobile Market Stop at Parkside-Kenilworth in DC.

We believe that access to sustainably grown food is a right for everyone, regardless of income or residency. In the District of Columbia, nearly a quarter of all residents are considered low-income, many of whom live in “food deserts” with few nutritious, affordable food options. Low-incomes and inadequate access to healthy food are associated with higher rates of diet-related diseases. Research shows that better access to wholesome foods, coupled with comprehensive nutrition education, fosters healthy habits that lead to lower obesity rates. To that effect, Arcadia’s Mobile Market is establishing a more equitable system of distributing food and nutrition education in our community.

The majority of the Mobile Market's offerings are grown at Arcadia Farm, allowing us to offer produce at affordable prices. To supplement our offerings, the Mobile Market sources from Arcadia's agricultural partners, all of whom are within about 125 miles of DC and include local sustainable producers such as Bainum Foundation Farm, Ayrshire Farm, Chocolate & Tomatoes Farm, Three Springs Fruit Farm, Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative, Local Food Hub and The Common Market. Are you a farmer and want to work with the Mobile Market? Please contact Mobile Market Staff at



Mobile Market Annual Reports

Arcadia is committed to sharing best practices, and to helping other mobile market programs get on the road.  

2021 Market Report:

2021 Mobile Market Impact Report

2020 Market Report:

2020 Mobile Market Report

2019 Market Reports:

2019 General Mobile Market Report

2019 Mobile Market Report - Ward 7

2019 Mobile Market Report - Ward 8


Archived Market Reports:

2012 Mobile Market “How To” Guide | 1st Year Report is available for free download here.  

Arcadia’s Mobile Market 2nd Year (2013) | Follow-Up Report is available for free download here.   

Arcadia’s Mobile Market 3rd Year (2014) Report is available for free download here.


Are you starting a mobile market?  In need of a consult?

Arcadia’s Mobile Market staff are also available for one-on-one telephone consultations.  If you or your organization requires further information and insight into the launching and operations of a mobile market, please feel free to email the contact below.


Mobile Market Staff at

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