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Summer Workshops 2021

Beginning weekly in July and going through August, our Farm Ed team is cooking up engaging workshops that will get your kiddos in the garden. 

These daytime workshops will be available to different age groups. Workshops will occur once a week and will run roughly like a day of Farm Camp. We’ll play get to know you games, do garden chores, meet our farmers, prepare recipes, and do homesteading projects.

Registration opens Tuesday, April 27th at 1 PM EST:

Questions? Ready to learn more? Email us at 


What are the ages best suited for this programming?

Summer workshops are open to kiddos between the ages of 6 and 12.


What are Arcadia’s COVID policies? 

Arcadia has developed organization wide COVID policies designed to keep staff members and stakeholders (in this case, kiddos!) safe. Arcadia has slowly started allowing small groups to the farm, which was only made possible through the carefully crafted COVID protocols our education staff implemented. 

We strongly enforce:

  1. Social distancing, when possible, during small group activities.
  2. Mask wearing.
  3. Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer when appropriate.
  4. Sanitizing surfaces multiple times throughout the day.
  5. Reporting- Arcadia staff members present during each of Arcadia’s programs will take note of each visitor that we have at the farm, including staff members and volunteers. Additionally, we take each participant’s temperature upon arrival, and practice transparent reporting between staff, volunteers, and program attendees should any concerns about COVID exposures arise after time spent together on site.

Additionally, each household will be required to fill out a COVID waiver and assessment before attending any of Arcadia’s programs or Summer Workshop Series. Because variable virus incubation time and asymptomatic infections pose a risk, we ask that families stay in touch with us after attending an in-person program in the event they exhibit COVID symptoms or have a diagnosis that dates back to their farm visit. This allows us to initiate contact tracing in a timely manner.

Arcadia will continue to update and modify its safety and COVID policies as new information from the Virginia Health Department and CDC becomes available. We have largely based our safety and management policies for our Summer Workshop Series on the CDC’s “Suggestions for Youth Programs and Camps: Readiness and Planning Tool.” For more information please visit their website:


Will Campers be divided into groups and how? Can my child be paired with their friends or siblings?

Yes. Since attendee numbers will significantly lowered, all workshop attendees will be able to interact with each other safely throughout the day. During snacks and mealtimes, we will ensure that members of the same household or pod are kept together.


Will food be provided?

We ask that all attendees are sent with one snack and a lunch that does not require refrigeration. We try to include one recipe activity per day in our schedule but cannot guarantee this one snack will satiate your kiddo. Arcadia staff will always have emergency snacks on hand in case your child forgets their lunch.


What will you do in case of inclement weather?

If it is raining, please dress your child for the weather—we will still work and play outside! Rainy days are a great time to learn about how we use water on the farm and the ecosystem we are a part of. We will also modify activities and spend more time under our shade structure. In case of thunderstorms, we will go into the Woodlawn mansion for games, indoor activities, and movies.


I worry about the heat; what do you do in the high heat of the day?

On extremely hot days we will take every precaution to keep your kiddos safe and happy. We have cold treats and water available, and we will take frequent shade and rest breaks throughout the day. Arcadia’s staff will take into account the temperature, the humidity index, and air quality when planning daily activities. We will make greater use of the tent and shady spots on the farm and will modify mask wearing where safety is concerned. During heat advisory warnings, when air quality is poor, we will go to the Woodlawn mansion to take a break from the heat.


What should my child bring with them?

Dress to get dirty and dress for the weather! Please bring the following items: a mask, one snack and a healthy bag lunch (we do not have ample refrigeration on site), a full water bottle, close-toed shoes, any medications that you child will need to take during the day, and a change of clothes if your child will require them. Please label all personal items when possible!


Can I get a refund if we are unable to attend?

Refunds and partial refunds will be given on a case-by-case basis. We understand the dynamic nature of our world right now and that circumstances are always changing. If you need to cancel a registration, please email us directly at as soon as possible, as there will be children on the waitlist to take your place. 


What if there is an emergency?

Arcadia always has at least one designated safety officer on site at a time. They are trained in CPR and first aid and will provide first response in case of accidents or injury. All staff members also carry cell phones to be used in case of an emergency.

Should an emergency arise, we will notify parents/guardians on your registration forms as soon as possible. You can find more information about our health and safety policies in our “Policies Handbooks,” which you will receive upon registering.


What specific COVID-19 policies have you put in place to keep children and staff safe?

Arcadia is committed to creating a safe environment for all program attendees and Arcadia Staff members. Due to the concerns over COVID-19 this means that we have updated several of our on-site policies.

The following policies come directly from our Arcadia Summer Program Policies Handbook and have been adapted from the CDC’s “Suggestions for Youth Programs and Camps: Readiness and Planning Tool.” For more information please visit their website:

1. Masking: Masking will be enforced for both staff and children/attendees. Attendees and staff will have times throughout the day (free time in the garden, mealtimes, independent crafts and activities) where the use of a mask is not enforced due to increased social distancing or due to extreme heat/weather concerns (we will refer to these as “Mask Breaks”). All attendees and staff are required to provide their own masks and are encouraged to bring more than one with them. Changing masks may be necessary throughout the day. On the topic of “Mask Hygiene”: Arcadia highly encourages families and staff members to wash reusable masks after leaving Arcadia.

2. Cleaning and Disinfection: Arcadia staff will routinely clean and disinfect surfaces in shared spaces along with shared objects (this includes spaces used during mealtimes, Arcadia’s portable restroom facilities, handles of garden and cooking tools, art supplies, toys and games, etc.) Cleaners will be kept in a spot that is easily accessible for staff but kept away from children/attendees. Children/attendees may be given disinfecting wipes to wipe down personal objects when needed.

3. Shared Objects: Shared objects and spaces will be routinely cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Children's personal objects will be kept separate. Staff will ensure minimal sharing of objects when possible. All tools used by program attendees must be disinfected before being reused or put away. Tools will be placed in a designated area, sprayed with a cleaner, and left to air dry.

4. Modified Layouts: Arcadia will enforce modified layouts for certain activities when possible. Children/attendees who live in the same household (or who are in the same “pod” outside of Arcadia workshop hours) will be permitted to sit together during shared meal and snack times. They will also be sat together during most activities. Moveable markers will be placed around the garden space to keep attendees 3-6 feet apart during focused garden time. Tarps and blankets will be provided for children to sit upon (spaced out) during activities being led by a facilitator/Arcadia staff member. Arcadia’s Summer Program Coordinator and Farm Ed. Staff will enforce modified layouts and social distancing when appropriate.

5. Food Service/Meals: Children and staff should bring their own meals (as feasible) from home and sit apart from each other during shared mealtimes. Arcadia will space out picnic tables and provide additional tarps to sit upon. Arcadia will provide disposable food service items for cooking activities and sampling of said cooking activities. Food service gloves will be provided during activities and for serving, and individual portions will be provided to attendees by Arcadia staff to limit touching of serving utensils. Buffet/family style serving will be avoided. Hand washing and sanitizing will be enforced for all individuals before and after eating.

6. COVID-19 on Site: If any program attendee or staff member begins to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 while on site (or if information becomes available that an individual has recently been exposed to COVID-19) they will be isolated and will require a parent/guardian to pick them up immediately. All families will be notified, and Arcadia will shut down programming. This protocol will also pertain to staff members. Arcadia’s Executive Director, Director of Operations, and Summer Program Coordinator will respond accordingly and follow up with all individuals who were on site during the potential exposure and keep all families and staff members up to date on individual test results and outcomes. Additionally, Arcadia’s Summer Program Coordinator will be in charge of completing a daily COVID-19 Program report to keep a record of the day’s events.

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