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Crafts for Kids

Natural egg dying for your Easter Basket

Make a Nature Loom

DIY Chive Blossom Vinegar

Natural Multi-Use Vinegar Cleaner

Natural Tie-Dye

Gardening Tips 

Grow Spring Peas

Start Spring Seedlings

How to Compost


2019 Farm Camp Recipes 

DIY Chive Blossom Vinegar


Additional Resources:

Check out our Stay at Home Club resource sheet with links to virtual field trips, math and STEM focuses activities, and of course — ways to get your kids in nature! The best part is: lots of the activities require only a few things that you probably already have hanging around your home.




From the Arcadia Blog

  • Ready for their close up: The Birbs of Arcadia

    The gates at Arcadia are still closed to the public and to keep safe, Arcadia farmers wear masks, stay six feet apart, wash their hands obsessively. The birds, though? The birds have no idea there's a pandemic going on.They're living...

  • Meet Mary Charlton, Arcadian of the Month (see also: panda keeper)

    It was hard to get June’s Arcadian of the month to sit still long enough to answer some of our questions--and not because she typically runs 20 miles a week. She is truly a busy woman.Mary Charlton in the Arcadia...

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