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Live, Eat, Grow Route 1

Live, Eat, Grow (L.E.G.) - Route 1 focuses on creating a more equitable and sustainable food system in the Route 1 Corridor through collaborative efforts with partner organizations aimed at improving food access, reducing food insecurity, and fostering better nutrition. Launched in 2019 with funding from the Northern Virginia Health Foundation, the L.E.G. Route 1 Project is grounded in the belief that a community’s food system is critical to the health of its residents.

Part of changing the food system begins with creating opportunities for residents to grow their own food. Gardens provide multiple health benefits impacting food access, better nutrition, increased physical activity, improved mental health as well as opportunities for education and job training. The L.E.G. Route 1 Project focuses on development and support of school and community gardens. Arcadia is working collaboratively with the Fairfax Food Council and Virginia Cooperative Extension to build systems to ensure that the Route 1 area has access to gardening opportunities as well as healthy affordable food.

We welcome community participation in the core programs of L.E.G. Route 1:

L.E.G. Garden Network

Join the L.E.G. Garden Network for support to build or maintain a community garden

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L.E.G. Youth Internship Program

Become a L.E.G. Intern or Partner Organization

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L.E.G. School Partner Program

Join the L.E.G. School Partner Program for support and training for your school garden

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Lived Experiences Report

Explore the root causes of food insecurity and advocate for meaningful food system change

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