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Mobile Market School Education Program

The Arcadia Mobile Market is Coming to a Schoolyard Near You!

Arcadia’s Mobile Market makes educational visits to DC and Northern Virginia schools, providing hands-on activities about farmers markets and the local food system.  These visits are designed to connect Elementary and Middle school students with where food comes from, healthy eating, and sustainable agriculture. 

What is a Mobile Market school visit like?

The Mobile Market makes school visits on Tuesdays from 9am to 1pm, allowing teachers to bring up to 30 students at a time on a “field trip to the playground” for about 45 minutes, or the length of their typical class period.

Each classroom visit begins with an introduction to Arcadia’s Mobile Market Staff, followed by a rotation through two hands-on activities.  Through these activities, students will learn about seasonality, the benefits of eating locally, the differences between conventional and sustainable agriculture, and how to prepare a balanced, nutritious meal.  The students will then sample a farm fresh food from the Market’s offerings.

When do Mobile Market school visits take place? 

A Mobile Market school visit can be reserved late April through mid-June for the spring, and September through mid-November for the fall.  The Mobile Market has a busy market schedule, so school visits are limited to Tuesdays.  Individual classrooms can visit the bus from 9am to 2pm while it is set-up in their school’s parking lot or playground. If classes are scheduled to consecutively visit the Mobile Market, our staff can engage upwards of 150 students during a school visit.

How much do school visits cost? 

In order to cover the costs of staff, materials and fuel, schools are charged a small fee for Mobile Market school visits.  Field trip fees range between $200 and $400, and are calculated on a sliding scale according to the percentage of students eligible for Free or Reduced-Price (FRP) Meals at your school.

Every participating school must mail in a $50 deposit to secure their reservation, which will be put towards the school visit fee.  The deposit will not be returned if a school cancels during the two weeks prior to a scheduled school visit, unless Arcadia cancels due to inclement weather.  Payment of the field trip fee is due in full on the date of the field trip.  The fee increases $5 per day for each day it is late. 

What are the requirements for participating schools? 

  1. Have a School Visit Coordinator/point person fill out the online reservation form
  2. Mail in the Mobile Market School Visit contract and the $50 deposit check.
  3. Work with our Mobile Market staff to discuss logistics.
  4. Have students fill out the pre-test specific to grade level prior to the trip.
  5. Have students fill out the post-test specific to grade level about a week after the trip.
  6. Return student post-tests to Arcadia via the stamped, addressed envelope provided.

How do I sign up? 

Register for a Mobile Market School Visit today! Complete the Online Registration Form to register for your visit. Heather Johnson, Farm Education Director, will be in touch to confirm and move forward with scheduling. 

To learn more, watch this video about Education on the Mobile Market.


For more info on Arcadia’s Mobile Market school visits or to schedule a visit at your school, contact Heather Johnson at or by calling 571-384-8845.

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